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Published Papers  
No.TitleJournalVolNoStart PageEnd PagePublication dateDOIReferee
1In Pursuit of an Ethical Principle for Low-dose Radiation Exposure after 3.11 Journal of Philosophy and Ethics in Health Care and Medicine No.8 2014  Refereed 
2Aftercare Ethics in Clinical Research : A Conceptual Presentation Annals of the Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine No.25 31 39 2007  Refereed 
3La deuxieme personne prise du point de vue de la memoire Philosophy 52 No.52 286 295,301 2001  Refereed 


No.TitleJournalVolNoStart PageEnd PagePublication date
1Child's Intention in Brain Death and Organ Transplantation -Two Proposals to promote Autonomy Journal of General Education Center No.5 139 153 2012 
2Whereabouts is the Ordinary? - An Ethical Response to Nuclear Waste and Brain Death - Meditations No.45(2) 345 365 2012 
3Ethos as Banal Phenomena: In Pursuit of Another Possibility of Community School MORALIA No.15 123 143 2008 
4Restoration of Forgotten Justice: Toward a Foundation of Aftercare Ethic in Clinical Research MORALIA No.12 93 115 2005 
5Another Personal Identity: How should we settle 'me' in memory? Meditations No.37 83 105 2004 
6On Taxonomy of Person Philosophia-Iwate No.36 13 24 2004 
7Responsibility and Person in Crime RINRIGAKU-NENPO No.52 163 177 2003 
8Memory and Response: Ethics of Person ib Restorative Justice MORALIA No.8 75 90 2001 
9The Demarcation of Self in the Memory BUNKA Vol.63 No.3/4 31 50 2000 


Conference Activities & Talks  
No.TitleConferencePublication datePromoterVenue
1The Ordinary and Pseudo-metaphysics The 62nd Conference of the Philosophical Society of Tohoku 2012 
2How should we teach a child the issues of brain death and organ transplantation? The 30th Congress of The Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine 2011 


Research Grants & Projects  
No.Offer organizationSystem nameTitleFund classificationDate
1Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Ordinary Ethics in Local Community competitive_research_funding  2008 - 2010 
2Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Research Ethics competitive_research_funding  2005 - 2007 


No.TitleTypePublication dateVenue
1Reconsidering the Ordinary in face of the Great East Japan Earthquake  2011 - NOW