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CHANG Youngha

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Published Papers  
No.TitleJournalVolNoStart PageEnd PagePublication dateDOIReferee
1A Method for Determining the Subjective Dominant Color of an Image Region by Support Vector Regression 2023 Nicograph International (NicoInt) Jun. 2023
2Stretching Simulation of Viscoelastic Fluid with Spring Connection Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 94 105 Feb. 11, 2023
3Determining Region Color by Using Maximum Colorfulness CGIP2023 proceedings G0018 Jan. 2023  Refereed 
4[Invited Paper] Pressure Change Simulation along Blood Flow in the Left Ventricle and the Aorta ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 11 102 112 2023
5Candle Flame Simulation Considering Temperature Chang in the Environment SIMULTECH 2022 36 43 Jul. 2022  Refereed 
6Color Feature Based Dominant Color Extraction IEEE Access 2022
7Combination of statistics and deep learning-based illumination estimation methods OSA Continuum 11 2936 2936 Nov. 15, 2021
8Viscoelastic Fluid Simulation based on the Combination of Viscous and Elastic Stresses SIMULTECH 2021 172 178 Jul. 2021  Refereed 
9Japanese Sign Language Recognition based on a Video accompanied by the Finger Images NICOGRAPH International 2021 23 26 Jul. 2021  Refereed 
10Dominant Color Extraction from a Single Image IWAIT2021 1B-143 Jan. 2021  Refereed 
11Ensemble of Illumination Estimation Methods using Support Vector Regression IWAIT2021 4A-11 Jan. 2021  Refereed 
12Realization of Augmented Reality by Outside-in Method Considering Space Consistency The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers 75 297 304 2021
13Pressure Simulation in the Heart with Valve Interlocking and Isovolumetric Contraction SIGGRAPH Asia Posters 13 Dec. 2020  Refereed 
14Pressure Change Simulation in the Aorta and the Left Ventricle with Compression International Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology Oct. 2019  Refereed 
15Candle Flame Simulation Considering Combustion States IIEEJ International Conference on Image Electronics and Visual Computing Aug. 2019  Refereed 
16Investigation on Viscoelastic Fluid Behavior by Modifying Deviatoric Stress Tensor International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications 216 222 Jul. 2019  Refereed 
17Study on Spray Cloud Behavior depending on Waterfall Height NICOGRAPH International Jul. 2019  Refereed 
18Particle Based Blood Pressure Simulation in the Aorta with the Model Generated from CT Images Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 102 113 2019
19Simulation Model on Blood Flow from the Left Ventricle to the Aorta 30th International Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology 310 320 Nov. 2018  Refereed 
20Particle based Waterfall Simulation with Spray Cloud Emerging from Basin SIMULTECH 2018 55 61 Jul. 2018  Refereed 
21Generation of CAPTCHA Using Sprinkled Destructors The Journal of the Society for Art and Science 17 52 61 Jul. 2018  Refereed 
22Evaluation of Stretched Thread Lengths in Spinnability Simulations SIGGRAPH Posters Jul. 2018  Refereed 
23Pet Face Detection NICOGRAPH International 2018 52 57 Jun. 2018  Refereed 
24Virtual Human Simulation on Memory Acquisition and Walking with the Memory MODSIM 354 360 Nov. 2017  Refereed 
25Blood Flow and Pressure Change Simulation in the Aorta with the Model Generated from CT Data simultech 392 397 Jul. 2017  Refereed 
26Japanese Fingerspelling Recognition based on Classification Tree and Machine Learning NICOGRAPH International 2017 19 24 Jun. 2017  Refereed 
27Representation Method of Snow Splitting and Sliding on a Roof 5th International Conference on "Advances in Engineering and Technology" 100 103 Mar. 2017  Refereed 
28A Study on Weathering Representation of a Painted Metal Surface IWAIT2017 Jan. 2017  Refereed 
29Grayscale Conversion of Graph Images IWAIT2017 Jan. 2017  Refereed 
30Profile Recognition based on Co-training SIGGRAPH Asia Posters Dec. 2016  Refereed 
31Aortic Valve Simulation based on Blood Flow Velocity SMIT2016 38 38 Oct. 2016  Refereed 
32Waterfall Simulation with Spray Cloud in different Environments The Journal of the Society for Art and Science 15 111 119 Sep. 2016  Refereed 
33Particle-based Simulation on Aortic Valve Behavior with CG Model Generated from CT VISIGRAPP 248 253 Feb. 2016  Refereed 
34Analytical Method for Generating Images Reflected on a Cubed Glass Proceedings NICOGRAPH International 2016 178 181 2016 
35Representation Method of Liquid Film Falling on a Concave-formed Object ITE Technical Report 40 11 227 228 2016
36Realization of Augmented Reality Considering Geometric Consistency ITE Technical Report 40 11 199 200 2016
37Bubble Rupture Simulation by Considering High Density Ratio SIGGRAPH Posters Aug. 2015  Refereed 
38Spray Cloud Simulation by Considering Environment Conditions NICOGRAPH International Jun. 2015  Refereed 
39Non-frontal Human Face Detection based on Multiple Classifier NICOGRAPH International Jun. 2015  Refereed 
40Proposal of Perception-based text CAPTCHA NICOGRAPH International Jun. 2015  Refereed 
41Visualization of Pressure and Stress Distributions in Aortic Valve Simulation by Considering Heart's Pulsation and Axial Flow The Journal of the Society for Art and Science 14 Mar. 2015  Refereed 
42Crowd Simulation by Applying Individual Human Model with Vision 2015 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CYBERWORLDS (CW) 210 215 2015 
43Simulation of Crack Generation on a Concrete Wall 21ST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON MODELLING AND SIMULATION (MODSIM2015) 683 689 2015  Refereed 
44Aortic Valve Simulation by Considering Heart's Pulsation and Axial Flow NICOGRAPH International 2014 18 22 May. 2014  Refereed 
45Waterfall Simulation by Using a Particle and Grid-based Hybrid Approach 2014 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CYBERWORLDS (CW) 23 30 2014 
46Particle based simulation of the aortic valve by considering heart's pulsation Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 196 285 289 2014 
47Aortic Valve's Opening and Closing Simulation Based on Particle Method Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan 18 447 453 Dec. 2013 
48Automatic Extraction of the Aorta and the Measurement of Its Diameter British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 671 682 Oct. 2013  Refereed 
49Aortic valvular simulation based on heart's pulsation SMIT 38 38 Sep. 2013  Refereed 
50A GPU Based Fast Method of Constructing Strong Learner in AdaBoost Algorithm IWAIT 2013 1170 1175 Jan. 2013  Refereed 
51Automatic Generation of LEGO from the Polygonal data IWAIT 2013 262 267 Jan. 2013  Refereed 
52Color similarity metric based on categorical color perception Kyokai Joho Imeji Zasshi/Journal of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers 67 J116 J119 2013 
53LEGO builder: Automatic generation of LEGO assembly manual from 3D polygon model ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 354 360 2013 
54Simulation of the aortic valve deformation by considering blood flow reflection Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 184 286 292 2013 
55Ray tracing based fast refraction method for an object seen through a cylindrical glass 20TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON MODELLING AND SIMULATION (MODSIM2013) 747 753 2013  Refereed 
56Automatic Generation of Building Instructions for Block Toys Nicograph International 192 193 Jul. 2012  Refereed 
572-3 Particle Model Based Simulation of Sliding-down Snow PROCEEDINGS OF THE ITE WINTER ANNUAL CONVENTION 2012 3-1 2012
586-1 Estimation of 3D Shape from a Single Camera by Using Motion Parallax PROCEEDINGS OF THE ITE WINTER ANNUAL CONVENTION 2012 1-1 2012
5913-8 Spinnability Simulation of Viscoelastic Fluid based on Combined Constitutive Equation PROCEEDINGS OF THE ITE ANNUAL CONVENTION 2012 13 8-1-_13-8-2_ 2012
6012-4 Color Difference Equation Focusing on the Large Color Difference PROCEEDINGS OF THE ITE WINTER ANNUAL CONVENTION 2011 12 4-1 2011
61Pixel Art Generation from Photograph The IEICE transactions on information and systems J91-D 12 2961 2972 Dec. 2008  Refereed 
62Curvature-based stroke rendering VISUAL COMPUTER 24 11 Jan. 2008 
63Example- Based Color Transformation of Image and Video Using Basic Color Categories IEEE Transaction on Image Processing 16 329 336 Feb. 2007  Refereed 
64Example- Based Color Transformation for Image and Video ACM International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technology 347 353 Dec. 2005  Refereed 
65Focal Colors Form Axes OSA Fall Vision Meeting 53a 53a Oct. 2005  Refereed 
66Color Stylization for Image and Video Pacific Graphics 94 97 Oct. 2005  Refereed 
67Example-Based Color Stylization of Images ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 322 345 2005 
68Example-Based Color Stylization Based on Categorical Perception ACM Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization 91 98 Aug. 2004  Refereed 
69Color transfer between images based on basic color category IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS E86D 12 2780 2785 Dec. 2003  Refereed 
70A framework for transfer colors based on the basic color categories COMPUTER GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL, PROCEEDINGS 176 2003  Refereed 
71Generation of varying line thickness COMPUTER GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL, PROCEEDINGS 294 299 2003  Refereed 
72Rich curve drawing ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications, SIGGRAPH 2002 244 244 Jul. 21, 2002 
73Color Transformation Based on the Basic Color Category of a Painting ACM SIGGRAPH Sketch and its Application 157 157 Jul. 2002  Refereed 
74Non-photorealistic line rendering based on user's style of drawing Kyokai Joho Imeji Zasshi/Journal of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers 56 1127 1133 2002 
75A STUDY ON VIEW-DEPENDENT LINE RENDERING ITE Technical Report 25 12 55 60 Feb. 9, 2001


No.TitleJournalVolNoStart PageEnd PagePublication date
1Clear Representation of an Overexposed Area by Using an Infrared Image 41 27 Sep. 2017 
2A study on 3D reconstruction of Ukiyo-e by Using Multiple Layers 41 12 335 338 Mar. 2017 
3Dominant Color Extraction from a Photograph 27 12 25 30 Dec. 2016 
4Basic Operation Practice System of the Western Tableware by Considering the Characteristics of Foods ITE Technical Report 40 11 281 282 Mar. 2, 2016 
5Representation Method of Division and Falling of Roof Snow ITE Technical Report 40 11 225 226 Mar. 2, 2016 
6A Study on the Generation of Text-based CAPTCHA by Using the Human Perception ITE Technical Report 39 14 81 84 Mar. 2015 
7Representation Method for Soaring up of Spray Cloud by Considering Density Difference of the Air ITE Technical Report 39 14 10 Mar. 2015 
87-3 Recognition of the Japanese Finger Characters by Using a Decision Tree Proceedings of the ... ITE annual convention 2014 3-1"-"7-3-2" Sep. 1, 2014 
914-2 A Study on the Color Similarity Distribution in CIELAB Color Space Proceedings of the ... ITE annual convention 2014 14 2-1"-"14-2-2" Sep. 1, 2014 
10Particle and Grid-based Waterfall Simulation by Considering Air Resistance ITE Technical Report 38 16 33 36 Mar. 2014 
11Generating Assembly Procedure of Block Artwork Focusing on It's Connectivity ITE Technical Report 38 16 189 192 Mar. 2014 
12Generation Method of Augmented Reality Video based on the Estimation of Real Light Sources ITE Technical Report 38 16 27 30 Mar. 2014 
13Recognition of Fingerspellings in Japanese Sign Language based on the Detection of Nail and Wrist Position ITE Technical Report 37 17 199 202 Mar. 8, 2013 
14Rupture Simulation of a Bubble Based on Particle Method ITE Technical Report 37 17 115 118 Mar. 8, 2013 
15Development of a Ikebana Simulator by Considering Bending of Flowers. IEICE technical report. Education technology 112 269 17 22 Oct. 20, 2012 
16A study on the color similarity metric based on the human color perception Technical report of IEICE. PRMU 111 499 189 192 Mar. 22, 2012 
17Automatic Generation of Assembly Procedure for Block Artwork ITE Technical Report 36 16 23 26 Mar. 9, 2012 
18A-4-21 A Study on an Automatic Creation of LEGO Assembly Instruction Proceedings of the Society Conference of IEICE 2011 115 115 Aug. 30, 2011 
19A-21-5 An experiment of color similarity for perceptual color difference equation Proceedings of the Society Conference of IEICE 2011 240 240 Aug. 30, 2011 
20Line art generation from characteristic lines in a picture IPSJ SIG Notes 2008 14 121 126 Feb. 19, 2008 
21A Simple Line Generation Algorithm for Shape Recognition IPSJ SIG Notes 2007 70 19 24 Jul. 9, 2007 
22A generating method for non-photorealistic black-and-white image based on the error diffusion method IPSJ SIG Notes 2006 76 67 72 Jul. 11, 2006 
23D-11-29 Derivation of focal colors' axes : toward a gamut mapping for digital cinema Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference 2006 29 29 Mar. 8, 2006 
24Categorical Color Perception of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese ITE technical report 29 23 12 Mar. 18, 2005 
25Color Transformation Based on the Basic Color Categories of a Painting IPSJ SIG Notes 2002 77 91 96 Aug. 8, 2002 
26A Study for View - Dependent Line Rendering IPSJ SIG Notes 2000 35 35 40 Apr. 28, 2000 
27A Study of Method for View-Dependent Line Rendering Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference 2000 356 356 Mar. 7, 2000 
28Retrieving Algorithm for 3D image based on spatial relationship Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference 1999 181 181 Mar. 8, 1999