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Books etc  
No.TitleAutour TypePublisherPublication dateRangeISBN
1The shift to new public investment -Overcome a governmnental blunder- Single Work Feb. 2005  
2Venture business and inteligence heritage Tokyo Educational Center 2003  
3The success key to establish the venture business Tokyo Educational Center 2003  
4"Let's think about the urban enviornment from gavage issues." Gihodou Shuppan 2003  
5The guide book of profeesional Engineer in 21 century. Tokyo Educational Center 2003  
6The danger of air pollution in the room Tokyo educational information center Inc. 2002  
7The crucial point of accounts on small and medium sized enterprises in 21 century Tokyo Educational Information Center Inc. 2002  
8A guide to the Professional Engineer in global age Tokyo Educational Information Center 2001  
9Easy way of Conserving the environmental Issues of usual life Tokyo educational Information Center 2000  
10Environmental specialist of 21th Century Tokyo educational information center Inc. 1999  
11All guide of licences of architectural and Civil Engineering Tokyo educational information center Inc. 1997  
12The Business Chance of Urban development Tokyo educational information Center Inc. 1991  
13Everything about the Resort of Japan and foreign countries. Tokyo educational information Center Inc. 1989  


Published Papers  
No.TitleJournalVolNoStart PageEnd PagePublication dateDOIReferee
1Basic Study on Elderly Tele-nursing Model for Emote Nursing by Smart Device Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 12 8(#129) 605 614 Aug. 2018  Refereed 
2Analysis of attracted customer's changes due to the inter-city network -People flow changes in the Kanto region by Markov chain and gravity model- Human Attracting vol2,2014.12 vol2 11 12 Dec. 2014  Not refereed 
3measurement of network by Computable General Equibirium model utilizing person trip survey in tokyo area MODEL ANALYSIS OF ECONOMICAL INTER-CITY FUNCTION CHANGES IN URBAN AREA Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 79 第704号 pp2261 pp2271 Oct. 2014 
4STUDIES ON THE LCATION OF THE ATTRACT CUSTOMERS FACILITIES OF TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA Analysis of interconnectedness and ability to attract customers of Tokyo metropolitan area to attract customers facility F-1,都市計画,建築経済・住宅問題 Sep. 2014  Refereed 
5ECONOMIC IMPACT MODEL OF INTER-CITY NETWORK IN URBAN AREA -computable general equilibrium model utilizing person trip survey in Tokyo metropolitan area- Human Attracting vol1,2014.6 vol1 16 17 Jun. 2014  Not refereed 
6A STUDY ON THE NUMBER OF USERS FORCASTING AMUSEMENT FACILITY CUSTOMERS-Construction of number prediction model- 79 第700号 pp1293 pp1300 Jun. 2014 
7ODEL ANALYSIS OF ECONOMICAL INTERCITY NETWORK OF TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA -Network measurement of intercity network by Computable General Equibirium Model- 2013(都市計画) 1035 1036 Aug. 2013  Not refereed 
8RESEARCH ON REBUILDING COMMERCIAL FACILITIES ATTRACTION Study of Tamagawa Shopping District in Ota ward 1071 1072 Sep. 2012  Refereed 
9Study of actual planning of Otoginohiroba in Kodomonokuni-Making plan of Otoginohiroba- 学術研究集会報告集 Dec. 2006  Not refereed 
10A study by the industry association analysis of the construction sector investment and regional exchange change 23 30 Oct. 2006  Not refereed 
11ESEARCH ON FORCASTING ENTRY NUMBERS OF CHILDREN'S PLAYGORUND Case study in Kamakura city F-1,都市計画,建築経済・住宅問題 1063 1064 Jul. 2005  Not refereed 
12Systematization of behavioral data for human behavior simulation Feb. 2004  Refereed 
13RESEARCH ON VISITOR BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS IN A HYBRID AQUARIUM Study of human behavior analysis by mobile information devices in amusement facilities Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 68 ,第550号 pp. 49 pp56 Dec. 2003 
14Research on economical impact and evaluation of social overhead capital-The relationship of regional planning and urban prosperity- Nov. 2003  Not refereed 
15RESEARCH ON VISITOR BEHAVIOR SIMULATIONAN IN A HYBRID AQUARIUM Study of human behavior analysis by mobile information devices in Hybrid aquarium (38) 373 378 Nov. 2003  Refereed 
16Research on creating a simple spread measurement model to attract customers type facility location - measurement technique of ripple effect by attracting facility development - E-1,建築計画Ⅰ,各種建物・地域施設,設計方法,構法計画, Jul. 2001  Not refereed 
17A study on the landscape formation in Kamakura F-1,都市計画,建築経済・住宅問題 401 402 Aug. 1999  Not refereed 
18Research relates to a system for the action space grasp (Ⅱ) - Simulation of Image - E,建築計画,農村計画 Jul. 1986  Refereed 
19A study on the system for the action space grasp Mar. 1986  Not refereed 
20Analysis of attracting attracting force of children's playground park of Kamakura - Challenges from the park maintenance situation census and direction of the analysis - F-1,都市計画,建築経済・住宅問題 10    Not refereed 


No.TitleJournalVolNoStart PageEnd PagePublication date
1RESEARCH ON MAKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE OF KAMAKURA CITY (2) The Journal of the Institute for Humanistic studies, Kamakura Wome's University 31 40 2003 
2RESEARCH ON UTILITY AND COMMUNICATION OF CHILREN'S PLAY GROUND The Journal of the Institute for Humanistic studies, Kamakura Wome's University 79 88 2003 
3The Analysis of the current situation of spaces for children's plaground and the prospects for design if the future playground The Journal of Kamakura Women's University 10 11 20 2003 
4Study for the framework of human behavior simulation AIJ Journal of computer symposium 2003 
5RESEARCH ON VISITOR BEHVIOR ANALYSIS IN A HYBRID AQUARIUM -Human behavior analysis using the mobile information devices- The Journal of Kamakura Women's University 10 75 84 2003 
6RESEARCH ON VISITOR BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS IN A HYBRID AQUARIUM Study of human behavior analysis by mobile information devices in amusement facilities AIJ Tokai conference E-1, 1107-1108 2003 
7Nano technology and ecology in small companies. Quarterly Small Business Journal 77 41 52 2003 
8RESEARCH ON VISITOR BEHAVIOR SIMULATIONAN IN A HYBRID AQUARIUM Study of human behavior analysis by mobile information devices in Hybrid aquarium Journal of City Planning Institute of Japan 38 373 378 2003 
9RESERCH ON VISITOR BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS IN HYBRID AQUARIUM Study of human behavior analysis by mobile information devices in amusement facilities Journal of Architecture and Planning 550, 123 2003 
10Research on making the urban landscape of Kamakura City (1) - A fundamental study to make an harmony of historical landscape - The journal of Institude for Humanistic studies, Kamakura women's college 45 56 2002 
11Research on children's play ground and rearing communication A Foundation of children's future 195 2002 
12Research on Impact Study to the city area of constructing the amusement facilities -Impact Study of amusement facilities The journal of Kamakura Women's college 65 75 2002 
13Ways of utilize children's playground and it's requests -A Study on Parents - Japanese society for child research, Journal of child research 81 21 31 2002 
14Research on utility and communication of children's playground - Study of play spaces by the analysis of advanced samples and questionnarire AIJ summaries of technicalpapers on annual meeting in Hokuriku E-1 1-2 2002 
15Research on Impact Study model to the city area of amusementfacilities -Impact Study of amusement facilities- AIJ.Technol.Des 15 225 230 2002 
16Study on Impact To the regional Area of Amusement facilities using interregional Input-Output Analysis -Case study of measurement of interreglonal Input-Output analysis using to the gravity model- The Journal of Kamakura Women's College 41 50 2001 
17Research on impact study model to the city area of Amusement facilities -Impact study of amusement facilities- Journal of Architectural Institute of Japan E-1 2001 
18A Research on effects of constructing the amusement facilities and the network of surrounding area -The fundamental study of network and relationship of amusement fasilities- AIJ Journal Technol, Des 13 185 190 2001 
19A fundamental study to predict the entry numbers and effect of amusement facilities Doctor Dissertation (Waseda University) 250 2001 
20Research on measuring the background and economical impact of Large type amusement facilities-Impact study using gravity model and Input and Output analysis of background market- The Journal of Kamakura women's college, No7, pp89-98, March, 2000 89 2000 
21Research on Evaluation of High Utility gas turbine and Fine ceramics Project Mitsubishi Research Institute, INC, Ministry of International Trade and Industry 2000 
22Research on forming of Area landscape for the Kamakura City -Evaluation and tendency of Historical Landscape Journal of Architectural Institute of Japan F-1 2000 
23Research on attraction degree of Dome type amusement facilities -A fundamental study to predict the entry amount of amusement facilities- Journal of Architecture, planning and environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 534 123 130 2000 
24Research on comparision of assembling availabilities of Dome type amusement facilities -A fundamental study of amusement facilities- Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan 34 1999 
25Research on forming a landscape for the Kamakura city -Historical landscape and its harmonizing measures- Journal of Architectural Institute of Japan F-1 401 1999 
26Research on forming a historical Landscape for the Kamakura city and its harmonizing measures The journal of Kamakura women's college 13 1999 
27Reaearch on future's museum in 21century by casestudy of the american museum and institutes Mitubishi Research Institute 1997 
28Research on ecological lifestyle Journal of Kamakura women's collage 1997 
29Research on light artificial material for road construction Tokyo metropolitan government 1996 
30study about the rentable welfare facilities Wellfare public corpolation 1996 
31Research on construction price deiffernce between Japan and foreign countries. Ministry of International Trade and Industry 1996 
32Bio top Network planning study Kyushu Erectoric Comapny Research Institute. 1996 
33Study on planning of Kobe Misaki soccer studium. Kobe municipal office 1996 
34Research on constructing the database of special products in Okinawa prefecture Okinawa prefecture 1996 
35Research on feasible study of Maiko bay district Kobe municipal goverment 1996 
36Study of Tama indusrial promoting center planning Tokyo city government 1996 
37Research on Utilization of Himeji station east district Himeji manicipal government 1996 
38Research on legal system of gas pipeline in foregin countries Urban enegy association 1995 
39Investigation of Hand made resort Ministry of construction 1995 
40Research on Planning of Dome type amusement facitities Yokohama municipal office 1995 
41Research on securitiesation of Urban development Mitubishi research Institute 1993 
42Study on akashi sirial crossing with overpass Hyogo prefecture 1993 
43Investigation of vernacular town planning(Part3) Japan architectural association 1993 
44Investigation of Research on artificial island in Kaneda bay area The Prort area planning center 1993 
45Study on supplying the condominiums in Urban area. Economical Planning Agency 1993 
46Study of mutual commication in housing politics of Japan and Germany Urban housing research institute 1992 
47Study on redevelopment of lower residencial planning area Urban housing research institute 1992 
48Investigation of vernacular town planning(Part2) Japan architrctural association 1992 
49study on entry ammount of qua house in yamanashi prefecture Yamanashi prefecture 1992 
50Research on legal system of LNG pipeline in forign countries Tokyo gas 1992 
51Research on Urban ecology Life(Part III) Minisrty of Construction 1992 
52Research on Urban ecology Life(Part II) kantou district office of Minisrty of Construction 1992 
53The reearch on urban plnning according to the regional and economical environment (1) Japan architectural center 1992 
54Research on Urban Planning code considering the regional individuality Japan Building Center 1992 
55Research on Planning of Saitama Central market facilities. Saitama Prefecture 1992 
56Study on the technological market of infrastructure meintainance A certain company 1991 
57Study on Housing and living policy in Urban area Housing and Urban planning institute 1991 
58feasibility study and analysis on High way system of yamanashi prefecture Yamanashi prefecture 1991 
59Research on database of road coating technology Nihon Hodou technology research Institute 1991 
60Research on regional planning of Kitakinki highly development zone. Kyoto prefecture 1991 
61Research on technological market of infrastructure maintenance in Japan Nihon Hodou technology research Institute 1990 
62Research on envionmental influence of road and High way. (Part1) Ministry of construction 1990 
63Fundamental research on Hanshin Bay area Hyogo prefecture civil engineering department 1989 
64Study on promting the regional intelligence New Media Development Association 1989 
65Research on Chiba Urban business core city Chiba municipal office 1989 
66The feasibility study of ship navigating information system Japan marine seculity association 1989 
67Feasibility study of Naruohama bay area park Nishinomiya municipal government 1989 
68Research on utilization of Naruohama bay area park Nishinomiya municipal government 1988 
69The future prespective of 21century in hokuriku ecomical area Hokuriku industrial promoting Center 1988 
70The research of future prospect of 21 century in Chiba prefecture Chiba prefecture 1988 
71The impact study of Kitakantou Highway the ministry of trasportaion 1988 
72Reseach on planning of Okayama industrial information Building Okayama prefecture 1988 
73Study on the situation of facilities users of public port Chiba prefecture 1988 
74Research on Hachinohe Port Renaissance 21(Part 2) Mitubishi real estate Corporation 1988 
75Study on Regional Planning of Kagawa complex Resort Countries Kagawa prefecture 1988 
76Research on Hachinohe Port Renaissance 21(Part 1) Mitubishi real estate Corporation 1987 
77Study on redevelopment of Takasago railway factory Hyougo prefecture 1987 
78Reseach on master planning of Onikoube Resort Park A certain company 1987 
79Research on electrical housing in future Tokyo erectric company 1987 
80Study on Resional Planning of Sanuki Setouchi Resort Area Kagawa prefecture 1987 
81Research on system of beharioral science in facilities (part2) 1987 
82Study on Planning of Akita Port Renaissance 21 Akita Prefecture 1986 
83Study on Planning of Takasaki municipal office Takasaki City 1986 
84Reserch on system of behavioral sciences in facilities. 1986 
85Research on system of behavioral science in facilities(Part1) 1986 
86Research on system of behavioral science in facilities by personal computer. 1985 
87Research on economical impact and evaluation of social overhead capital -The relationship of regional planning and urban prosperity- Pan Pacific Association of Input-output Studies The 14th conference, Kiun-kaku, Atami City October31-Novemver2, 2003 The14th conference, Kiun-kaku, Atami City   


Awards & Honors  
No.Publication dateAssociationPrizeSubtitle
1Nov. 2017 Kamakura municipal govenment Kamakura City Municipal Service Award (autonomous recognition) 


Research Grants & Projects  
No.Offer organizationSystem nameTitleFund classificationDate
1Architectural Design competitive_research_funding    
2Urban Planning competitive_research_funding    
3Research on social infrastracture competitive_research_funding    
4Research on Site plan of Urban planning competitive_research_funding    
5Research on the transformation of the capitol. competitive_research_funding    
6Research on planning theory of amusement facilities. competitive_research_funding    


No.TitleTypePublication dateVenue
1Resource of regional planning and vitality  2003 - NOW 
2Research of communication on chidren's playground, Japanese society for Child Research, 2003. 10 Japanese society for Child Research  2003 - NOW 
3Economical impact of amusument facilities, The committee of Architecture Institute and Planning of Theater and Holl, 2003. 7  2003 - NOW 
4The future prspect and embarassment of urban development, The conference of Institute for Humanistic studies Kamakura Wome's University  2003 - NOW 
5Future of historical city's urban planning  2002 - NOW 
6Research on children's play ground and communication  2001 - NOW 
7The cordination of an ieal houses, rooms, and interesting living space Kamakura women's college, summer college lecture  2001 - NOW 
8「The committee of International Research Center in Okinawa Prefecture」member of committee, Okinawa Prefectural Govenment, Promotion and Development office  2001 - NOW 
9The methodology of predicting the entry numbers of Amusement facilities Japan Architectural Institute of Japan  2000 - NOW 
10Housing and Living design is fun. Kamakura women's college, Summer College lecture  2000 - NOW 
11The direction of chaotic Urban planning Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Washed University  2000 - NOW 
12The history of transfering the Capitol and future's prospect, Kamakura women's open collage  1997 - NOW 
13Urban plannig which has ocean and tendernes, Hujisawa, Kamakura, Zushi municipal government