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TEZUKA Takaharu

Profile Research field Research achievement Educational achievement Social contribution achievement


Commendation by learning association association management, international organization, country, local public entity, and public organization  
No.ClassificationIndividual or collaborationTitleHosting institution namePrize nameDate of winning
1Others Group / Team Architectural Institute of Japan Annual Architectural Design Commendation 2016 Apr. 2016 


Mass communication publishing and appearance  
No.TypeOrganization nameTitleVolume, title, and program name, etc.Date of execution
1Coverage Takaharu Tezuka+Yui Tezuka Mar. 2017 
2Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Feb. 2017 
3Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Feb. 2017 
4Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Feb. 2017 
5Appearance Takaharu Tezuka+Yui Tezuka Dec. 2016 
6Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Dec. 2016 
7Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Nov. 2016 
8Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Sep. 2016 
9Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Sep. 2016 
10Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Sep. 2016 
11Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Aug. 2016 
12Coverage Takaharu Tezuka Jun. 2016 
13Appearance BSN Broadcasting System of Niigata May. 2016 
14Appearance ux Niigata TV 21 Apr. 2016 
15Appearance NHK  Progress of the project , " Tomioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Museum " is presented at the Gunma Prefecture Tomioka Apr. 2016 
16Appearance NST Niigata Synthesis Television Apr. 2016 
17Others UIA JIA was chosen to Excellence Award for Architecture 2015 "empty forest clinic " is posted on the HP of the UIA ( International Architects Union) Mar. 2016 
18Others 2015 TEDxTaipei Big Bang 2015 TEDxTaipei Big Bang Jan. 2016 
19Appearance TEDxTaipei2015 TEDxTaipei2015 | Takaharu Tezuka TEDxTaipei BIG BANG Oct. 2015 
20Appearance BS JAPAN BS JAPAN 8/23/(sun)10:00pm-11:00pm Aug. 2015 


Social contribution lecturer  
No.Symposium name etc.Name of organizerTitleDate of execution
1Takaharu Tezuka Sep. 2016 
2International Summer School of Architecture Takaharu Tezuka+Yui Tezuka BRING MUSIC OUT TO THE TOWN WITH YOUR ARCHITECTURE Aug. 2016 
3Wooden house seminars Miyazaki Prefecture wood federation of cooperatives Mar. 2016 
4wakayama university Diploma exhibition wakayama university Feb. 2016