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Profile Research field Research achievement Educational achievement Social contribution achievement


Belonging study society activity  
No.Learning association association nameMember type
1New English and American Literature Society Regular member 
2American Literature Society of Japan Regular member 


Learning association association activity  
No.Activity typeLearning association association nameCommittee name etcPosition titleFiscal year of activity
1administration Tokyo American Literature Society Acting committee in Tokyo committee  2014 - 2015 
2Edit New English and American Literature Society Editor Editor  2008 - NOW 


Activity like international organization and public organization, etc.  
No.Organization nameCommittee namePosition titleFiscal year of activity
1Todoroki Elementary School External Evaluation Committee Chair  2015 - NOW 
2Non Profit Organization White paper editorial board advicer  2014 - 2014 


Social contribution lecturer  
No.Symposium name etc.Name of organizerTitleDate of execution
1Faculty of Foreign Language Seminar Dokkyo University Nov. 2017 
2Machi Seminar Oyamadai Happy Road Shopping mall Jun. 2017 


Other social activity  
No.Organization name etc.Content of activityFiscal year of activity
1Creative colaboration with "Yaoya Jazz" Colaborated with the local greengrocer "Yaoya Jazz" and its owener Mr. Saigo, who has very attractive back ground stroy. We interviewd him and his staffs and made a picturebook of them both in English and Japanese.  2014 - 2014